Minesweeper of sexy girl

It's a minesweeper game playing with a "moe" fetish girl character from "Sento-ki".
There are the Single mode and the VS mode where you compete with the computer.

How to play:
Single mode
The rules are those of classic minesweeper.
Put flags on each cell not to uncover mined cells.
Time attack when you have put flags on all the mines.
The number displayed in a cell shows how many mines are buried around the cell.

VS mode
Unlike the Single mode, you have to uncover mines.
To win the game, uncover more mines than the computer.
If you uncover a mine, you can continue uncovering cells.
How to control:
・Tap a cell where there is no cursor to move the cursor there.
・Tap a cell where the cursor is to uncover the cell.
・Tap and hold your finger then slide it to scroll the map.
・Tap the blank space under the map to enlarge or reduce the map.
・(Only in Single mode) Tap a flag to switch between Uncover/Flag mode.